These Girls Took The Insultinator to the Beach and This is What Happened:

Summer is here and so is The Insultinator.  These groovy girls took their new fun Insultinator to the beach and this is how it went down:
girls on the beach summer insultinator kickstarter beach party funny comicThey found The Insultinator  on Kickstarter, a really neat crowdfunding platform that brings life to creative projects (with your help).

girls beach insultinator fun summer kickstarter insult surf guys


The girls soon realized that The Insultinator, a kookie insult generator with 54,872 combinations, can be used anywhere!
summer beach girls insultinator insult surf kickstarter fun funnyThey also got The Insultinator XXX1/2, it’s a little racy…we can’t show you those pictures here.
summer fun beach insultinator kickstarter insult  funny The guys soon decided that they wanted their own Insultinator.  So they went to Kickstarter so they could get one, too!

beach summer fun girls insult insultinator funny fun  beach party

Wowzer, it was a fun day.

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Check out The Insultinator here.